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Thursday, July 2

Diverse teams make better investment decisions. Join Stephanie Creary, John Rogers, and Machel Allen, CFA, on 2 July to discuss the commitments that financial organizations should make to racial inclusion, and how investment teams can improve investor outcomes through greater racial diversity.

Wednesday, July 1

Nobel laureate ROBERT SHILLER discusses his book, Narrative Economics, and the idea that the narratives people believe in, and use to understand the world, affect their economic behavior. In turn, narratives have meaningful macroeconomic impacts, and Shiller argues such psychological effects offer a new frontier of economic research.

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Our flagship Asset Owner Series features the most influential asset owner and investment consultant decision makers behind the institutions that direct global markets with their investment choices.

Since its 2015 inception, Asset Owner Series™ events have hosted over 6,000 in-person attendees from around the world and featured over 300 speakers that collectively represent organizations with over $70 trillion in fiduciary assets under ownership or advisory.

If you’re driven to have a global impact, Asset Owner Series™ events are the place to learn from the thought leaders that influence society.

In light of COVID-19, CFA Society New York created AOS Virtual Keynotes in 2020—presented in partnership with CFA Institute and CAIA Association—to ensure CFA Society and CAIA members globally will still be able to access exclusive asset owner and investment consultant perspectives.

Upcoming Asset Owner Series Events

Full Calendar—AOS Virtual Keynotes

Global Policymakers Series (GPS) is a collection of exclusive events that convene current and former policymakers, in addition to senior think tank representatives with valuable policy insights, for technical discussions concerning the impact of regulatory, multilateral, fiscal and monetary policies on financial markets and the global economy. GPS launched in June 2020 owing to the critical role policy decisions were playing on investment performance in light of COVID-19.

Monetary and fiscal policy response was taken to unprecedented levels during the Great Recession. The policy response to the financial stresses brought by COVID-19 are likely to exceed the response during the Great Recession. Longer-term, global public pension underfunding, increasing sovereign debt levels, entitlement underfunding and the risks presented to some sectors by technological innovations may require even larger policy responses. GPS will dig deep into these topics and go well beyond the headlines and political noise that obscure real debate and analysis.





Hear from Hester Peirce (Commissioner, Securities and Exchange Commission), numerous country ambassadors and The Hon. Kevin Rudd (President, Asia Society Policy Institute; Former Prime Minister, Australia).

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Hear from Dominic Garcia (CIO, Public Employees Retirement Association of New Mexico), Chinelo Anohu (Head and Senior Director, Africa Investment Forum), African Development Bank (AfDB) and other asset owners.

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Hear from Johannes S. Kramer, CFA (Senior Investment Strategist – Directorate Risk Management, European Central Bank), Jingdong Hu (Vice President and Treasurer, World Bank) and a bevy of the top think tanks. Also, straight from the White House — Lawrence Kudlow (Director, United States National Economic Council).

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Hear from Sean Berrigan (Director General, Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union), European Commission and Steven C. Phillips, M.D., M.P.H. (Senior Fellow, Chatham House).

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