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Presented by: Wall Street Prep
After more than a year of working from home, owners, operators, tenants, and employees are all pondering what the future of office space will look like. Attend this leading-edge event to stay abreast of changing trends and drivers of demand in the commercial real estate ecosystem. Learn how industry idiosyncrasies will influence future space utilization, discuss flexible and hybrid alternatives, and explore the primary considerations and impacts for the returning workforce while contextualizing differing design challenges and geographic preferences when you join this discussion.
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Could Aave, Uniswap, Compound, and other emerging cryptocurrencies represent the future of Wall Street? Attend an in-depth conversation on the disruptive potential of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)—applications on public blockchains aiming to create financial services without centralized intermediaries. Delve into the response of traditional centralized finance (CeFi) institutions, hear objective and diverse perspectives on the current state of DeFi innovation, and explore potential game changers that could impact DeFi’s scalability and adoption potential when you attend this discussion.
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$10 Members | $40 Nonmembers
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Our flagship Asset Owner Series features the most influential asset owner and investment consultant decision makers behind the institutions that direct global markets with their investment choices.

Since its 2015 inception, Asset Owner Series™ events have hosted over 6,000 in-person attendees from around the world and featured over 300 speakers that collectively represent organizations with over $70 trillion in fiduciary assets under ownership or advisory.

If you’re driven to have a global impact, Asset Owner Series™ events are the place to learn from the thought leaders that influence society.

In light of COVID-19, CFA Society New York created AOS Virtual Keynotes in 2020—presented in partnership with CFA Institute and CAIA Association—to ensure CFA Society and CAIA members globally will still be able to access exclusive asset owner and investment consultant perspectives.

Global Policymakers Series (GPS), presented quarterly, educates members of CFA Society New York, and members of our sister societies, on global policy matters.

The financial consequences of the Great Recession led to historic changes in monetary policy, marked by a substantial advancement in the regulation of banks and financial markets overall. The impact of legislation produced in response to the financial stresses brought on by COVID-19 is likely to be even more impactful.

Such trends demonstrate just how valuable an understanding of global policy, and changes in regulatory standards, is to financial professionals in managing their careers and in offering quality client services. Through GPS, CFA Society New York educates on both fronts, and does so through a lens devoid of any political or ideological noise.

Take Part in an 80-Year Legacy of Excellence

Through generations of investment professionals, CFA Society New York has remained steady as a leading forum for the investment community since 1937, and a hub for objective, independent thought. Members benefit from exclusive content, invaluable leadership opportunities and unparalleled access to a network of industry leaders. Your membership supports the legacy of Benjamin Graham—the father of value investing, and the founder of CFA Society New York.

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