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Compound Insights, by CFA Society New York, delivers in-depth conversations with the foremost experts and influential authorities who comprise the global financial investment world.

Guests will explore and discuss complex investment ideas and principles, meaningfully amplifying the insights shared at CFA Society New York conferences. Topics include ESG, global, fintech investing and more.

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Why Most Commercial Real Estate Will Manage a Hard Brexit

A conversation with Ron Dickerman and Helen Thomas, CFA

One expert tells us why a hard Brexit is very likely while another explains his London commercial real estate strategy.

Guest Bios


ESG Data is Getting Better

A conversation with Thomas Kuh and Christine Pishko

Experts from Truvalue Labs and PRI say why they thing ESG indices are better but what to look out for when using them.

Guest Bios


Long-Term Wealth Management Changes

A conversation with Tom McCullough

Hear from Tom McCullough, founder of an MFO and author on wealth management talk about conducting family meetings, philanthropy, long term planning and how changes in culture have changed wealth management.

Guest Bios


Is ESG becoming SRI?

A conversation with Henry Shilling

Hear why an ESG pioneer thinks the maturation of the industry is shifting to SRI.

Guest Bios


What’s Next for Blockchain?

A conversation with Sandra Ro

Where in finance will blockchain have the biggest impact?

Guest Bios

  • Sandra Ro, Global Blockchain Business Council

Time is One of Banking’s Biggest Risks

A conversation with David Knutson

A wide ranging conversation about bank sub-sectors and global bonds.

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A Deep Dive into Cannabis Businesses

A conversation with Gil Christie and Bob Bob Wieczorek, CFA, XP3RT

We run down the subsectors of cannabis businesses with one investor and a rigorous CFA talks about the risks.

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Is ESG’s Implementation Putting Some Stocks at Risk?

A conversation with Mark Campanale and Kingsmill Bond, CFA

Hear about research that shows that more pain is in store for many sectors in the ESG transition, from the authors.

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What ESG and Climate Mean to Portfolios

A conversation with Nili Gilbert, CFA, CAIA, and Joy Williams, CAIA

Hear some exceptionally thoughtful takes on ESG integration and inclusion of carbon considerations in asset allocation.


Global Water: Equity, Bonds and Private Markets

A conversation with Matthew J. Diserio

A discussion about the entire spectrum of water investments with one of the most experienced investors.

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A Deep Dive into Modern Monetary Theory

A conversation with Paul Sheard

Why is MMT better viewed as a lens on monetary policy than a theory? What does the media and politics have wrong about it? Listen to this podcast to be ready for your client’s next call.

Guest Bios

  • Paul Sheard, Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government at Harvard Kennedy School