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From left: Gina Martin Adams (event opener), managing director and equity strategist at Wells Fargo, Nancy Davis (panelist), founder of Quandriatic Capital Management, Amy Poster (moderator), a contributing writer to Institutional Investor magazine, Amy Pullinger (panelist), CEO of 100 Women in Hedge Funds,  Machel Allen (panelist) president and CIO at Metis Global Partners, and Marsha Roth, a founding member of Angelo Gordon wait for the session to start

On May 19, CFA Society New York, in collaboration with Wells Fargo, sponsored an event Alpha Seeking Females – In a Male Dominated World of Finance.

When you have this caliber of people on the roster, hearing their experience alone teaches us a lot.  I can particularly appreciate a true pioneer like Marsha.  As a woman who grew up in Japan, nothing was easy about jumping into an investment banking life right after college. Without women like her, I am not too sure I would have been able to get into the business.  Having mentors and sponsors are great, but we are talking about women who literally drilled a pathway into the industry for rest of us.

I spent the last few years focused upon the world of business innovation.  There we say things like “failure is ok” or “fail fast”.  Though the context of how these are used is a bit different, conceptually it is the same in our lives.  We may feel like we are a failure from time to time, but we just need to pick ourselves up, collect a nugget of wisdom and keep moving.  And while doing that, building a team around you is critical.

CFA Society New York would like to thank Wells Fargo for their generous co-sponsorship, those who presented and attended.  We also would like to announce that we now have a grant to start working on Diversity and Inclusion.  I already had a couple of people approach me with very interesting ideas.  Inclusion cannot occur if I don’t have everyone.  Will you help us reaching our goal?  CFA Society New York has an open door policy.  Please knock on our door whenever you have any ideas – diversity or otherwise!