Brian Minns, CFA

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Brian Minns, CFA

Brian is responsible for the continuous improvement of Addenda Capital’s incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes throughout the firm including in support of impact investing. He also engages with companies, regulators and policymakers on ESG matters in order to promote sustainable development.

October 2020


Climate Change Explained and Economic & Market Implications

Climate change will affect economies and markets in the coming decades at an accelerating rate if we do not bend the PPM curve back toward the x-axis. Even if we eventually do bend that curve, certain changes to our climate in our lifetimes, our children’s lifetimes, our grandchildren’s lifetimes, and our great-grandchildren’s lifetimes are already set and likely irreversible. It is true that CO2 PPM levels have been much higher in the history of earth than they have been in human history. Levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are estimated to have reached nearly 7,000 PPM about 500 million years ago and are estimated to be in the low thousands during the age of the dinosaurs.

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