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  Maggie Wong
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  Rohan Parikh
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  [email protected]
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  CFA Charterholder
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  Sell-Side Research Analyst/Trader/Investment Banker/Salesperson
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  Rohan has been an active YLG member and contributed to a number of initiatives in 2020:

– Participated as a volunteer in the NYU speed networking event (27 participants) in Mar 2020
– Served as a speaker and discussed his career background and advancement, via acquiring additional credentials beyond CFA, to YLG members at the Career Advancement Panel in May 2020 (an event with most RSVPs of 158 and highest member attendance of 58 among YLG events in 2020)
– Organized and coordinated with Baruch College and CFANY on their speed networking event (80 participants, the YLG event with the highest virtual attendance in 2020 and the speed networking event with most students’ participation since YLG’s history) in Oct 2020
– Attended a number of YLG thought leadership events, as well as events organized by Private Wealth Management, Quantitative Investing, Value Investing and Institutional Asset Management groups

To split up YLG’s event planning responsibilities and ensure we continue to deliver high quality events and valuable resources to our members, we plan to have each Co-Vice Chair take on one of the following roles. We believe having dedicated focus in a Vice-Chair role leverages each vice-chair’s past volunteer experience at YLG and their varied interests in giving back to the CFANY community. Having 5 vice-chairs and 2 co-chairs would minimize any potential burnout and will have sufficient back-up / coverage if any of the leadership team member would need to step down. To provide additional personal development opportunities for each Vice-Chair, we may look to rotate their role after 6-12 months to further enhance their leadership, communication, presentation and project management skills.
Initial vice-chair role assignment:
– VC Mentorships & Community Outreach (Rock the Street Wall Street, Universities) – Danielle McKenna
– VC Thought Leadership (Social and Market/Investment-Related events) – Rodrigo Cortez
– VC Partnerships – External (Kaplan / vendors, other societies, other professional organizations) – Alex Schumacher
– VC Partnerships – Internal (Intra-CFANY Groups' Liaison) – Rohan Parikh
– VC Communications (Distribution List – Email & LinkedIn, Event Promotions, Newsletter) – Tiffany Li

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