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  Maggie Wong
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  Young Leaders
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  Caroline Busby
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  CFA Charterholder
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  Institutional Investment Manager
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  Caroline has been a Vice-Chair for Young Leaders Group for the past year and organized the following events:

– ‘Rock the Street, Wall Street’ initiative, whereby YLG, CFANY, and CFAI are partnering together for the benefit of teaching financial literacy to high school girls in underserved areas. Continued to lead this initiative in 2020 to bring on 5 for the Fall Semester (in progress of recruiting volunteers for the Spring Semester). Succeeded in acquiring $5,250 funding from 100 Women in Finance to help fund the program for academic year 2020-2021.
– Recruited her employer, BlackRock, to participate in YLG’s inaugural Career Fair (scheduled in Mar 2020 but on hold due to COVID lockdown)
– Speed Networking Events with NYU (27 participants in Mar 2020) and Baruch College (80 participants in Oct 2020, the YLG event with the highest virtual attendance in 2020 and the speed networking event with most students’ participation in YLG’s history). These speed networking events provide undergraduate students the opportunity to meet in small groups with YLG members and learn about the range of career paths across the financial services industry
– Expanded YLG’s event offering and organized Career Advancement Panel event in May 2020 (with most RSVPs of 158 and highest member attendance of 58 among all YLG events in 2020), where 4 YLG members discuss their varied experiences of getting ahead: seeking additional credentials beyond the CFA, transitioning from back to front office, getting promoted within their firm, and relocating to a new country
– Expanded YLG’s external partnerships with 100 Women in Finance (via RTSWS and Women’s Mentorship Program) and with CAIA and Columbia University EMBA Program. Organized the virtual networking happy hour with CAIA New York Chapter and Columbia University EMBA Program in Oct 2020
– Partnered CFANY and Kaplan and discussed YLG future initiatives to local CFA exam candidates at the “Resilience and Progress Despite the Disruption” event in November 2020
– Organized and provided guidance to volunteer groups of the Level 2 Candidate (with our second year cohort of 30+ participants) and Women’s Mentorship Program (in planning progress for program launch in early 2021)
– Currently serve as a co-lead in CFANY’s Diversity and Inclusion Forum and emphasize diversity and inclusion in organizing YLG events

Having a second co-chair allows sufficient back-up coverage and capacity to guide new vice-chairs as they settle into the roles. It also facilitates more timely responses within YLG leadership team and to CFANY and/or event partners. As seen from Sep to Nov 2020, YLG organized events almost on a weekly basis, and having a second co-chair will mitigate risks of leadership burnout and enable YLG to continue delivering high quality events and valuable resources to our members.

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