With the 6 consecutive years of double digit returns that the market has seen, it is a natural question that anyone, investor or not, might ask.  Can positive real estate returns continue?  If not, are we heading into a hard landing or will the market figure out a way to smoothly land this high flying machine?  We held our 2nd Annual Real Estate Investment Outlook Program on May 25.

With interest rates rising (rest of the world is still falling), investment periods becoming longer, and easy distressed opportunities all gone, what should investors look into next?

Very active debate and questioning were witnessed during the live session which featured investors, portfolio manager, allocators, and advisors.  Unfortunately due to the Chatham House Rule, I am not able to get into specifics, but I can say one thing – the attendance nearly doubled from last year and it was standing-room only by the time event date came!  Keep your eyes on our Event Page and come join us if you find something that interests you!

I would like to thank Steve Bloom, CFA and Kevin Maxwell, CFA for organizing the event and Mickie Chow, CFA for providing content which allowed this write up.