There is no one clear cut definition for Special Situations but in large sense, this means a situation which could reveal an undervalued security and hence an investment opportunity, which may yield a satisfactory profit in the security even though the general market is not moving. At CFA Society New York, a group meets periodically typically once a month, led by a leader from the Value Investment Interest Group to discuss Special Situations Ideas and occasionally the conversation is led by a special guest speaker. On June 7th, we had @Robert Robotti as a guest speaker talking about Subsea 7, an offshore construction company for the oil and gas industry. Since this write up is to introduce you to some of the events that we have and not a place to recommend one investment firm or an investment idea, I will not go into the details of what was discussed but you can watch this video so you can get the idea of what goes on during these video conference calls.

If you are interested in checking out our upcoming events including the Special Situations series, please refer to this site. If you have any question, please feel free to give us a shout. CFA Society New York has an open door policy.  Last but not least, I like to thank @Vishal Mishra for providing content for me to put together this write up.