Yieldstreet is reimagining wealth creation

We are the one stop shop, state of the art platform for alternative investments. Our mission is to help an increasing number of investors generate income outside public markets by offering access at a fraction of the asset class’ previous entry points.

Yieldstreet culture

We take ownership of our work, and are passionate about our mission to put millions on a path to financial independence. Our drive pushes us to be curious and fearless, and to break conventions. We innovate, and move forward together, aiming for the next level.

Yieldstreet leadership team
In the words of our Founder and CEO: “As I discovered, reaching financial independence without a robust private market allocation can be a struggle. I realized most people – including me – were precluded from accessing the same variety of alternative investment products the ultra-wealthy invested in. We built Yieldstreet with one clear goal – allowing investors to modernize their portfolio by increasing their exposure to – and diversification within – the alternative investments space.”

Yieldstreet giving back

As we approach the seven year mark, the Yieldstreet community is now close to 400,000 member-strong. Together, we are not just a community – we leverage our strength in numbers by launching programs to help raise relief funds for global causes, such as the war in Ukraine or the fight against food waste.

Our track record

Amount invested on our platform
Principal and interest returned
Net annualized return (IRR)


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