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  Jed Schneider
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  Performance & Risk Analytics
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  Richard Ottoo
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  CFA Charterholder
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  Richard has been an active PRGA member and contributed to a number of initiatives in 2019-2020. As we began to add more risk topics to the group, Richard has organized two webcasts in 2020, one on liquidity risk during the COVID-19 pandemic and another on volatility and risk models, appropriately relevant to the pandemic. Additionally, he worked alongside myself and John Matsikas to create a GIPS event in 2019 (pre-pandemic) that included an investment risk topic on correlation risk. Richard has led many of our monthly meetings, particularly when it was focused on risk. Richard continues to be an active participant in the CFANY outside of the PRAG group. John and Richard would be a great team to co-chair the PRAG group.
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