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The Financial Reporting and Analysis Thought Leadership Group follows issues and events affecting financial reporting, corporate disclosure, and accounting standards. Its primary mission is to keep CFANY members informed about these issues. The group also comments on proposed new financial reporting standards (before Regulators and Standard Setters).
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Join the CFANY Financial Reporting and Analysis Group on LinkedIn. NOTE: Group discussion forums are for the sole purpose of facilitating communication among members. Please do not use them to promote your own products, services, or business including publications, websites, and blogs. The views expressed by the members of the LinkedIn Groups do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of CFANY.
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What’s New in Financial Reporting in 2017:

Have you looked at 2017 financial statements and been confused by changes in them? Do you understand how companies’ revenues have changed? What is happening with leases and derivatives? If you want to know the answer to these and other financial reporting questions, we have just the webcast for you. CFANY’s Financial Reporting & Analysis Group hosted a program that will answer these questions and more in a webcast available at your convenience 24/7. The webcast gives you a concise update on new developments in financial reporting taking effect with 2017 financial statements. Topics covered include changes in revenue recognition, derivatives reporting, developments in lease reporting and other important topics. The program includes speakers from FASB, leading accounting analysts and auditing firms. These program is a two-hour boot camp to get financial statement users up to speed quickly on these new standards as they have been incorporated into 2017 and future statements. Watch the webcast at any time here. To get involved with FRAG, please contact its chair Arthur Fliegelman at [email protected].

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