Discussing the $324B Space Industry with Bob Cenker, Fmr Aerospace Engineer & Payload Specialist: Click Here to watch the video

You stand still and you might let it pass by you

In 1966, NASA’s budget used to be roughly 4.5% of GDP, but today is it less than 0.5%. It doesn’t mean the US isn’t investing into space business today. It means private sector is moving into this arena for a big time. Have you heard of Space X, as a starter?

At CFANY we hosted an event on Sept 15 focusing on space investment landscape. This is a little bit different from the nature of most other events we host but financial literacy being one of our missions, when Sidney Nakahodo, along with Peter Sang came to CFANY to pitch the idea of us collaborating to look into launching international space university in New York a few months ago, we immediately began to look into how we could make this happen.

The evening started with a fireside chat conducted by Anthony Cipriano who put together a 3 hours HBO live program with CFANY 35 years ago and Robert Cenker who was an astronaut. They spoke amongst other things technological advancement in the industry.

Then it moved on to the panel discussion which was moderated by Ron Epstein. The panel consisted of Jeff Manber, Rick Tumlinson, Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux, Zack Schildhorn, Andrew Gray and Hoyt Davidson. Degree of where everyone believes the space investment is different, but there was no denying that private sector is taking more important part and in certain areas government is quickly becoming a customer of private sector.

So if you are looking for a next frontier of investment, you may not want to stand still. And while you are at it, come and find out what CFANY is doing with our newest learning series, Disruptors and Innovators.


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