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    Title What’s Impact of 2017 Tax Reform Act
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    06:00 pm
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    2 Hours
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    • Financial Reporting and Analysis


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    Jane Soong, CFA, CPACorporate Controller / SCYNEXISjanesoong7@gmail.com610 392 3361


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    Arthur Fliegelman, CFAChair of Financial Reporting & Analysisfliegelman@usa.net(732) 651-6697
    Santhosh Abraham, PhD, CFA, FHEAFaculty Program Director, School of Business & TechnologySAbraham1@excelsior.edu(518) 608-8351


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    Communications Secretary


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    2017 Tax Reform Act, Tax code changes, SEC SAB 118, Accounting for income taxes
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    The 2017 Tax Reform Act introduces substantial changes to many areas of the U.S. tax system, including the taxation of individuals, businesses in all industries, multinational enterprises, and other areas.

    Our panel experts will provide summary of the key features of the new law and focus on the financial reporting and investment implications of the changes. Our expert panelists will discuss how the corporations and tax payers can plan or prepare prior to year-end:

    • A permanent reduction in the statutory C corporation tax rate to 21%, repeal of the corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT), and a broad limitation of the deduction for interest expense
    • Fundamental changes to the taxation of multinational entities
    • Changes to the taxation of executive compensation and employee benefits
    • A temporary “expensing” provision that allows taxpayers to immediately write-off the cost of qualifying new property
    • A temporary new deduction for certain kinds of domestic income from partnerships, S corporations, and sole proprietorships
    • Significant changes relevant to the taxation of tax-exempt organizations, insurance businesses, financial institutions, regulated investment companies (RICs), and real estate investment trusts (REITs)
    • Temporary reductions in the individual income tax rates, accompanied by new limits on itemized deductions.

    Our panel experts will also discuss the potential impacts in public company tax footnote disclosure and financial impacts.


    Learning Outcome Statements (LOS): 3-5 Bullet Points
    • This program will provide a concise guidance and impacts on corporations
    • This program will provide a concise guidance and impacts on other business entities – pass-through entities
    • This program will provide a concise guidance and impacts on individuals
    • The panelists will also provide suggestions in preparation of the compliance of 2017 Tax Reform Act
    • The panelists will also provide their assessment on the impacts of the compliance of 2017 Tax Reform Act



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    PM Level Asset Owner/ C- Level Buy Side Manager


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    AnalystsCFAIAsset OwnerPanelist
    AnalystsCFANYAsset OwnerPanelist
    Accounting ProfessionalsAccounting firmsAsset OwnerPanelist


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    Asset OwnerPanelist


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