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      Leo Schmidt
    Event Details
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      Midyear Market Outlook
    Event Start Date
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      06:00 pm
    Event Duration
      2.5 Hours
    Event End Time
      08:30 pm
    Interest Group / Series

    • Institutional Asset Management

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      1 Room (fits up to 60)
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      Need to see if panelist can be recorded. May be limited because of impromptu comments.
    Key Organizers

    Name Title/Firm OR Volunteer Title Email Phone
    Leo Schmidt CIO River Eddy Capital Management theleoschmidt@msn.com 917-593-8835

    Additional Organizers (If Any)

    Name Title/Firm OR Volunteer Title Email Phone
    Adam Shakoor PM/ Columbia Threadneedle Adam.Shakoor@columbiathreadneedle.com 917-539-2324

    Communications Secretary & Content Secretary
    Communications Secretary

    Name Email
    Leo Schmidt theleoschmidt@msn.com

    Content Secretary

    Name Email
    Leo Schmidt theleoschmidt@msn.com

    Event Overview
    Keywords for Marketing
      Market Outlook, Valuation, Quantative, Alternatives, Equity, Fixed Income, Economy, Interest Rate Path, Market Risks
    Description of Program
      Midyear Market Outlook will examine the state of financial markets in a panel format. Panelist will come from a variety of market disciplines, Fixed Income, Equity, Macro Economy and Alternative Strategies as well as buy and sell side. A broad view of many markets will help asset managers and analysts look at opportunities and risks not only in their own markets but also in other markets where an overlap is not always apparent. This multifaceted view will encourage thinking that uncovers links in financial instruments that often are overlooked in siloed focused investment discussions. The notion is financial managers and analysts benefit from exploring and hearing a diverse set views from established market participants.
    The panel participants will be prominent chief investment officers, portfolio managers or market strategists. Currently, Doug Peeples, Chief Investment Officer of AB Fixed Income, is committed to this event. In addition, we hope to attract sellsiders such as Bloomberg’s Macro Man columnist, Carmon Crise. The questioning will be lead by a moderator who will have a broad background of experience.
    For example, a potential moderator could be David Allen, Institutional Director at Schroders who lead the Global Investment Committee. This event will be sponsored and will have time for networking and discussion afterwards.

    Learning Outcome Statements (LOS): 3-5 Bullet Points
    Examine market current expectations
    Hear current thinking from influential asset managers and market strategists
    Challenge status quo thinking.
    Understand concerns of market managers

    Speaker Details
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    Potential Speakers

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    PM Level Buy Side Manager
    PM Level Asset Owner/ C- Level Buy Side Manager

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    POTENTIAL Speakers

    Name Title/Firm Email/Phone # of Employees AUM ($US B) URL to Bio Speaker Type Speaker Role
    Cameron Crise Macro Man Columnist Bloomberg 500+ https://www.linkedin.com/in/cameron-crise-41a7a05b/ Sell-Side Research Analyst/Trader/Investment Banker/Salesperson Panelist
    Asset Owner Panelist

    CONFIRMED Speakers

    Name Title/Firm Email/Phone # of Employees AUM ($US B) URL to Bio Speaker Type Speaker Role
    Doug Peeples Chief Invesment Office of Fixed Income AB 500+ $20 B + https://www.alliancebernstein.com/biographies/01_biographies/peebles_douglas.bio.htm Institutional Investment Manager Panelist

    Is the press permitted to register for this event?
    Partners & Sponsors
    Potential Partners & Sponsors

    Partner/Sponsor Name Confirmed? Contact Person: Name/Title Email Who Has the Relationship? (May be N/A)
    Alliance Bernstein Yes David Saslowsky David.Saslowsky@abglobal.com Leo Schmidt

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