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  • Atit Amin
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      Atit Amin
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      How to Build & Launch a New Business
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      06:30 pm
    Event Duration
      2 Hours
    Event End Time
      08:30 pm
    Interest Group / Series

    • Young Leaders

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      2 Rooms (fits up to 120)
    Expected Attendees
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    Key Organizers

    Name Title/Firm OR Volunteer Title Email Phone
    Jeremy Pawlak, CFA Committee Member
    Anna Toshach, CFA Vice Chair

    Communications Secretary & Content Secretary
    Communications Secretary

    Name Email
    Jeremy Pawlak, CFA

    Content Secretary

    Name Email
    Anna Toshach, CFA

    Event Overview
    Keywords for Marketing
      Young Leaders, Entrepreneurship, Financial Services, FinTech, Asset Management
    Description of Program
      Join the Young Leaders Group on Wednesday, May 16th at 6:30pm for a series of fireside chats with four accomplished entrepreneurs who have leveraged their backgrounds as industry practitioners to launch successful businesses in financial services.

    Hear firsthand why they decided to pursue their own venture, how each of them made the transition, and what lessons they have learned over the years. The format of the event is intended to encourage active dialogue between speakers and attendees so take advantage of the opportunity to learn about the entrepreneurial spirit. The program will conclude with a catered reception and an open networking session so reserve your spot now!

    Learning Outcome Statements (LOS): 3-5 Bullet Points

    • Learn about the skills and competencies that make for a successful company founder
    • Hear how to leverage past career experience and apply it in an entrepreneurial spirit
    • Identify commonly held misconceptions about starting a new business venture
    • Discover effective executive-level decision-making strategies for raising capital, building culture, and scaling the business

    Agenda (If Available)

    • 6:00pm: Doors Open and Registration
    • 6:30pm: Opening Remarks by Jeremy Pawlak, CFA
    • 6:35pm – 6:55pm: Fireside Chat #1: Nick Leopard
    • 6:55pm – 7:15pm: Fireside Chat #2: Natalia Oberti Noguera
    • 7:15pm – 7:35pm: Fireside Chat #3: Simon Lack
    • 7:35pm – 7:55pm: Fireside Chat #4: Aaron Schumm
    • 7:55pm: Closing Remarks by Atit Amin, CFA
    • 8:00pm – 8:30pm: Networking and Reception

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    PM Level Buy Side Manager

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    POTENTIAL Speakers

    Name Title/Firm Email/Phone # of Employees AUM ($US B) URL to Bio Speaker Type Speaker Role
    Asset Owner Panelist

    CONFIRMED Speakers

    Name Title/Firm Email/Phone # of Employees AUM ($US B) URL to Bio Speaker Type Speaker Role
    Aaron Schumm Founder and CEO, Vestwell Vendor Panelist
    Josh Ingram Associate Sell-Side Research Analyst/Trader/Investment Banker/Salesperson Moderator
    Nick Leopard Founde and CEO, Accordion Partners Sell-Side Research Analyst/Trader/Investment Banker/Salesperson Panelist
    Simon Lack, CFA Founder and Managing Partner, SL Advisors Founder and Managing Partner, SL Advisors Institutional Investment Manager Panelist
    Natalia Oberti Noguera Founder and CEO, Pipeline Angels Asset Owner Panelist

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