First-Time Home-Buyers Seminar

First-Time Home-Buyers Seminar2018-05-16T12:44:34+00:00

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    Joseph Fateh
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    First-Time Home-Buyers Seminar
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    06:00 pm
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    2.5 Hours
    Interest Group / Series
    • Alternative Investments
    • Private Wealth Management
    • Young Leaders


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    2 Rooms (fits up to 120)
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    Atit AminChair, Young Leaders Groupatit.amin@pivotinvestment.com9088392246


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    NameTitle/Firm OR Volunteer TitleEmailPhone
    Joseph FatehMember, Young Leaders Groupjmfateh@gmail.com9146528676


    Communications Secretary & Content Secretary
    Communications Secretary


    Content Secretary


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    home buying, personal investing, wealth management, alternatives, real estate, young leaders, young professional
    Description of Program
    If you’ve been thinking about buying your first home, now could be a great time to take the plunge. Interest rates are on the rise, so locking in a rate on a mortgage could become a key cost-saving move. With rents continuing to climb, perhaps you are ready to invest that monthly check in an asset that actually appreciates in value – especially one that gives you a tax break. And while today’s technology can simplify the process, there remains a great opacity to the process – not to mention today’s challenges facing first-time home buyers, such as rising real estate prices and the burden of student loans and limited credit history.To better prepare young professionals looking to buy a first home, we have gathered a talented panel featuring all the major residential real estate players (Journalist, Economist, Lawyer, Broker, and Mortgage Banker). Join the Young Leaders Group on Monday, June 25th at 6:30pm for a deep-dive discussion that will demystify the complexities of the homebuying process, including mortgage pre-approvals, down payments, broker commissions, and more.


    Learning Outcome Statements (LOS): 3-5 Bullet Points
    • Understand how a range of specialists view today’s investment opportunities in residential real estate.
    • Develop a quantitative and qualitative framework for evaluating the renting versus buying decision.
    • Debunk commonly held misconceptions about first-time home buying.
    • How to choose among various mortgage lenders amid a rising interest rate environment.


    Agenda (If Available)
    • 6:00pm to 6:30pm: Doors Open and Registration
    • 6:30pm to 6:35pm: Opening Remarks by Joe Fateh
    • 6:35pm to 7:20pm: Moderated Panel Discussion
    • 7:20pm to 7:30pm: Q&A
    • 7:30pm to 7:35pm: Closing Remarks by Atit Amin, CFA
    • 7:35pm to 8:30pm: Networking and Reception


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    PM Level Asset Owner/ C- Level Buy Side Manager


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    Asset OwnerPanelist


    CONFIRMED Speakers
    NameTitle/FirmEmail/Phone# of EmployeesAUM ($US B)URL to BioSpeaker TypeSpeaker Role
    Samantha SharfStaff Writer / / 2123668944
    Matt Martin, CPAAgent / Halstead / 2125215704 Estate BrokerPanelist
    Stephen LascherSales Manager / Wells / 2122146702 BankerPanelist
    Vinson J. Friedman, Esq.Partner / Berkman, Henoch, Peterson, Peddy and FenchelV.Friedman@bhpp.com
    Nela RichardsonChief Economist / Redfinnela.richardson@redfin.com
    Joseph FatehAssociate / New York Life Real Estate Investorsjmfateh@gmail.comInstitutional Investment ManagerIntro Remarks
    Atit Amin, CFAAssociate / Pivot Investment Partnersatit.amin@pivotinvestment.comInstitutional Investment ManagerConcluding Remarks


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