China – A First World Economy?

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    China – A First World Economy?
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    06:00 pm
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    2.5 Hours
    Interest Group / Series
    • Global Investing


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    2 Rooms (fits up to 120)
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    Martin PompCo-Chair, GICmdpomp@yahoo.com917-838-3932


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    NameTitle/Firm OR Volunteer TitleEmailPhone
    Zsanett Sutojeanette.suto@gmail.com929-855-1786


    Communications Secretary & Content Secretary
    Communications Secretary


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    Evelyn YeowEvelyn Yeow


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    China, EM Equities, Emerging Markets, Pac Rim, International, Stocks, Bonds, Institutional, Sovereign Risk, FX, Renminbi, Yuan, Trade Wars, Currency, US Treasurys, China Bonds
    Description of Program
    Our panel will discuss the questions on China that are top-of-mind for investors around the world. China is perhaps the most important variable in global trade, economic growth, and the capital markets.We will explore China’s aspirations to be a First World nation, its secular shift into higher-margin businesses, and to a consumer-led economy. We will posit and discuss scenarios for varying levels of China’s success, and ramifications for investors of all sizes and geographies.


    Learning Outcome Statements (LOS): 3-5 Bullet Points
    • Where is China in the economic cycle, differentiating between Secular momentum and Cyclical factors?
    • How are they doing in their shift from Export-led economy to Consumer-driven economy?
    • Can they shift from low-margin to high-margin businesses?
    • Review and outlook for domestic debt.
    • Review and outlook for Trade Wars with US.
    • What are the unique characteristics of the Chinese onshore bond and equity markets?
    • What are the opportunities and challenges for onshore Chinese bond and equity market investors?
    • What are the ways of entering into the Chinese financial markets?
    • What is the level of sophistication of Chinese derivatives markets? How does it help or challenge hedging?
    • What to expect in the RMB FX market?


    Agenda (If Available)
    Welcome remarks – 5 minutes3*10-minute presentations from the panelists – 30 minutes

    Panel discussion – 1 hour

    Closing remarks – 5 minutes

    Reception – 1 hour



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    PM Level Asset Owner/ C- Level Buy Side Manager
    PM Level Asset Owner/ C- Level Buy Side Manager
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    Important Note on Speakers
    POTENTIAL Speakers
    NameTitle/FirmEmail/Phone# of EmployeesAUM ($US B)URL to BioSpeaker TypeSpeaker Role
    Helen ZhuHead of China Equities, BlackRock13,0006,300Institutional Investment ManagerPanelist
    Jukka PihlmanGlobal Head of Official Institutions, Standard Chartered86,000663Sell-Side Research Analyst/Trader/Investment Banker/SalespersonPanelist
    Luciano SiracusanoChief Inv. Strategist, Wisdom Tree20442Institutional Investment ManagerPanelist
    Miklos EndreffyRegional Head of Treasury, BIS1,300Asset OwnerPanelist
    John Chisholm, CFACIO, Acadian Asset Management200103Institutional Investment ManagerPanelist
    Chi LoChina Strategist, BNP Paribas (HK)650Sell-Side Research Analyst/Trader/Investment Banker/SalespersonPanelist
    Xiangyan SongChief Representative, People’s Bank of China (NY)Government OfficialPanelist
    Federico MarsilliHead of EM, GIC (Singapore Sov. Wealth Fund)400Asset OwnerPanelist
    David GitlinChina Aerospace Sales, United Technologies203,00030Asset OwnerPanelist
    Mary DarbyCheung King Inv.917-421-2198Sell-Side Research Analyst/Trader/Investment Banker/SalespersonPanelist
    John GreenwoodChief Economist, INVESCO (Ldn)920Institutional Investment ManagerPanelist
    Placeholder NameExecutive Director for China, IMF (Washington)Government OfficialPanelist
    Jonathan SloneInvestment Strategist, CLSA-CITICSell-Side Research Analyst/Trader/Investment Banker/SalespersonPanelist
    Deepika’s ContactHead of EM FX, BlackRockInstitutional Investment ManagerPanelist
    Tolga UzunerHead of Pac Rim Credit, ApolloInstitutional Investment ManagerPanelist
    AJ MedinattaGreylock CapitalInstitutional Investment ManagerPanelist
    Jiayi LiPine Ridge CapitalInstitutional Investment ManagerPanelist
    Paul WolanskyPresident, Cathay CapitalInstitutional Investment ManagerPanelist
    Anla ChengPrincipal, RMP (PE in China)Asset OwnerPanelist


    CONFIRMED Speakers
    NameTitle/FirmEmail/Phone# of EmployeesAUM ($US B)URL to BioSpeaker TypeSpeaker Role
    Asset OwnerPanelist


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