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The Accounting of Cryptoassets: Understanding the Financial Reporting Implications of a New Asset Class

September 1, 2021 | 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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Join CFA Society New York for an evening of discussion on the mechanics of cryptocurrency management and valuation. Learn what financial professionals should consider when deciding whether to invest in companies that hold cryptoassets and become acquainted with the ways these assets can appear in reports and disclosures.

As these assets move into the mainstream, investors may encounter more companies holding growing amounts of different cryptoasset types. From Bitcoin to non-fungible tokens, these assets tend to be volatile; while they have recently grown in value, they tend to be reported at cost. Register for this in-depth discussion to learn more about the regulatory standards that apply to cryptoasset reporting, as well as the rationale behind these standards.



Francisco Vazquez Ahued, CFA, FRM, Independent Consultant



Edward Li, Ph.D., Associate Professor, City University of New York


Vivian Fang, Honeywell Professor of Accounting, University of Minnesota

David Gonzales, Vice President, Senior Accounting Analyst, Moody’s Investor Service

Shripad Joshi, CPA, Senior Director, Accounting Officer, S&P Global Ratings

7:10 PM |  Q&A


Maribeth Martorana, CFA, Vice Chair of the Fintech Thought Leadership Group, CFA Society New York

Additional Details

Learning Outcomes

  • Review and understand the most current accounting standards regarding cryptoassets
  • Recognize cryptoasset accounting specificities
  • Understand how cryptoasset holding affects valuation