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Second Annual Sovereign Wealth Conference

November 29, 2016

5:45 PM: Check-in

6:05 PM: Welcome and Opening Comments
Jonathan Prin, CFA
, Greylock Capital

6:15 PM: Panel

Han Yik,
 Head of Institutional Investors at the World Economic Forum

Alex Greenbaum, VP – Private Equity & Infrastructure, GIC
Marcia Favale, Member, Government Investment Council, Kazakhstan
Nigel Gormly, Head of International Direct Investment, New Zealand Superannuation Fund
Ik Ho Suh, Head of NY Office, Korea Investment Corporation (KIC)
Mitch Williams, CFA, Global Head of Equities, Wafra

7:30 PM: Closing Remarks
Maria Shtrapenina, CFA, TAG Associates LLC


Sovereign Wealth Fund delegates to discuss their long-term capital management philosophy, asset allocation approach and outlook for global markets. ‎Since the early 2000s, the asset pool of Sovereign Wealth Funds has grown exponentially at around 20% CAGR as the number of funds established expanded to keep up with the commodities-led balance of payment surpluses. In recent months of extended commodity slump, some of these Sovereign Wealth Funds have held steady whereas others have tapped into accumulated capital as mandated by their investment objectives. Even though usually clubbed together, not all SWFs are alike and many differ profoundly in investment mandates and source of funds. However, all Sovereign Wealth Funds, whether structured as stabilization funds, savings & development funds or reserve investments, have an important role in macroeconomic management and global financial stability. In this context, the long term investment horizon combined with a set-up that’s typically ever-green and not subject to liability concerns, has led these funds to have unique asset allocation profiles.

*All discussions at the CFANY Sovereign Fund Conference are governed by Chatham House rules. The event is closed to media and by invitation only to senior fund executives, ensuring frank and productive discussions and an effective exchange of ideas among peers.