Operational Due Diligence Trends and Best Practices

Thursday, June 6 | 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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This event will demonstrate why having well-defined Operational Due Diligence processes in place is vital to attracting Institutional Assets. For fund managers seeking to attract capital from institutional investors, it is critical that fund managers enhance their perception of Operational Due Diligence and understand the areas of potential risk to their business operations.

The need to safeguard against operational risk is ongoing and requires constant manager oversight. Operational due diligence is an in-depth process in which investors assess both the fund’s internal risk levels and risk profiles of outsourced service providers. Operational Due Diligence is a way to expose and nullify potential risks before irreparable harm occurs. Effective Operational Due Diligence processes are necessary to attract and retain assets from institutional investors.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Key components that comprise the Operation Due Diligence (ODD) process
  • Best practices for managing your fund’s operational risk
  • Specific issues that institutional investors consider “knock-out factors” for investment