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1st Multiemployer (Union) Pension Conference

December 8, 2016


5:30 PM: Check-in

6:00 PM: Welcome and Opening Comments
Deepika Sharma, CFA, Portfolio Manager/Analyst, Astor Investment

6:05 PM: Keynote Address

W. Thomas Reeder Jr., Director, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

6:30 PM: Panel
Moderator: Christopher Brockmeyer, Director of Employee Benefit Funds, The Broadway League

Christine Dubois, CFA, CEO, AFTRA Health & Retirement Funds
Scott Stone, Chief Investment Officer, Pentegra Retirement Services
Randy G. DeFrehn, Executive Director, National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans
David Blitzstein, Advisory Director, Board of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
Monte Tarbox, Executive Director, Investments National Electrical Benefit Fund

7:30 PM: Closing Remarks
Deepika Sharma, CFA, Portfolio Manager/Analyst, Astor Investment

7:35 PM: Adjournment and Reception



Multiemployer Pension plans, which are operated by groups of companies together with officials of a union that represents their workers, oversee roughly $500 billion in assets under management. Such plans are common in sectors like the building trades, where the workers move from job to job, taking their benefits with them. The trucking, retail and mining industries also have many multiemployer plans. ‎The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation estimates that about 10 million Americans are earning or receiving pensions from the roughly 1,400 multiemployer defined benefit pension plans in the US.‎ While the financial crisis greatly impacted the funded status of these plans, they have recovered significantly since 2009. ‎NYSSA’s First Annual Multiemployer Pension Conference will explore the perspectives of senior Multiemployer Pension investment professionals and how they are managing not only the volatile equity markets, but also the low interest rate environment.