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India 2018 – Opportunity Calling

A CFA Institute Sponsored Event

India 2018 — Opportunity Calling

Thursday, June 7 | 5:30 – 8:00 PM
Followed by a Catered Networking Reception

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A CFA Institute Sponsored Event

A candid no-holds barred discussion, with C-suite leaders from the investment management industry in India, on the path and roadblocks to India becoming the fourth largest economy in the next 5-7 years. Is India on a path to sustainable growth? Will current macro and microeconomic indicators support this growth? What are the inherent risks and challenges of doing business in India, and what are the mitigating factors, if any? What are current and upcoming investment opportunities in India? How does India stack up vis-à-vis other emerging economies?

This event will provide participants with:

  • An in-depth understanding of India, and the opportunities and challenges in the country.
  • Update on key reforms in India and the resulting impact.
  • Opportunity to connect and network with C-suite leaders of the investment industry in India.
  • An in-depth and factual understanding of the India economy, including regulatory evolution, investment opportunities and micro/macroeconomic factors.
  • Strong understanding of inherent risks and challenges of doing business in India, and mitigating factors.
  • Update on key reforms in India and the resulting impact.


Sloane Ortel, Content Manager, Writer, CFA Institute


NAVNEET MUNOT, CFA, Executive Director & Chief Investment Officer, SBI Funds Management Private Limited

  • Pathway and roadblocks to India becoming the 4th largest economy in next 5-7 years.
  • Path to sustainable growth – structural reforms like Jan Dhan Yojana, Aadhar, GST, Bankruptcy code, etc.
  • Young population – demographic dividend or underrated risk.


SUNIL SINGHANIA, CFA, Investment Committee Chair, Board of Governors, CFA Institute; Founder, Abakkus Asset Management

VIKAS KHEMANI, CFA, President & CEO, Edelweiss Securities Ltd.

  • Perspective on select sectors with strong growth potential
  • Public vs. private investments, role of FDI/FPI, etc.
  • Case studies
  • Q&A


SAURABH MUKHERJEA, CFA, Chief Executive Officer, Ambit Capital

NAVNEET MUNOT, CFA, Executive Director & Chief Investment Officer, SBI Funds Management Private Limited

  • Corporate governance standards – the good, bad and ugly.
  • Evolution of regulations and regulators.
  • Health of capital markets.
  • Foreign Portfolio Investments (FPI) – a success vis-à-vis the challenges faced by India based foreign fund houses.
  • Private equity – successes and failures, and the reasons for the same.
  • Political environment – is this the best ever? What can go wrong?
  • Q&A


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