Combining Quantitative and Fundamental Tools: A Practitioner’s Perspective

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Combining Quantitative and Fundamental Tools: A Practitioner’s Perspective


Monday, June 5th
5:45 pm – 8:00 pm

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CFANY Conference Center
1540 Broadway #1010,
New York, NY 10036


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Friday, June 2


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Global Investing Group
Institutional Asset Management Group

CFA Institute CE

1.5 Credits
Sponsored by Kaplan Schweser

CFP Board CE

1.5 Credits
Sponsored by Kaplan Schweser


Ted Aronson, CFA, Founder and Managing Principal, AJO Partners
Leigh Drogen, Founder and CEO, Estimize
Yin Luo, CFA, CPA, Vice Chairman, Wolfe Research
Erin Gibbs, Portfolio Manager, Equities, S&P Investment Advisory Services (SPIAS); Board Member, Society of Quantitative Analysis (SQA)

Julie Abbett, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan


In the last decade, the use of quantitative techniques for fundamental research and stock selection has expanded with an increase in computing power and availability of data. It is no surprise that the words Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Big Data have become industry buzzwords. This topic recently made headlines when the largest asset manager, Blackrock, announced replacing fundamental analysts and PMs with data scientists in its Scientific Active Equity group. But how has the investment management industry been impacted by better data availability and improved quantitative techniques? How can managers combine quantitative tools with fundamental analysis to be better prepared for an evolving market?

Hear from experts on both sides including quantitative analysts and fundamental managers who have quant tools to get a practitioner’s perspective on the recent advances in quantitative investing and how the advanced use of data has merged with concepts of fundamental stock analysis to create better outcomes for investors.

Features, Benefits, Values

Get a comprehensive view of how industry experts are using and combining quantitative and fundamental analyses and how this will impact the investment industry.

Major Points

  • Can fundamental fund managers improve performance incorporating quantitative models into their process?
  • What are the advantages of this hybrid quant-amental approach?
  • How are Quantitative analysts and managers using Big Data and Machine Learning techniques?
  • What are the practical challenges of using these techniques that investors should watch out for?


Time Details

Deepika Sharma, CFA, Portfolio manager, Astor Investment Management; Board Member, CFANY

6:10-7:10PM PANEL

JULIE ABBETT, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan

, Founder and Managing Principal, AJO Partners
LEIGH DROGEN, Founder and CEO, Estimize
YIN LUO, CFA, CPA, Vice Chairman, Wolfe Research
ERIN GIBBS, Portfolio Manager, Equities, S&P Investment Advisory Services (SPIAS); Board Member, Society of Quantitative Analysis (SQA)


David Allen, CFA, Institutional Director, Schroders


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