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CFANY GIC Spring 2015 Quarterly Networking Event Hosted by Société Générale


Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Patrick Holert, CFA, CAIA, Chairman Emeritus, CFANY Global Investing Committee
Chris Cutler, CFA, Chairman Emeritus, CFANY Alternative Investing Committee
Roberto Peralta, CFA, Head of Institutional Client Relations for the Americas, Société Générale 

6:10 – 6:25: KEYNOTE ADDRESS
M. Nicolas J Firzli, Director-General, World Pensions Council

6:25 – 7:30: PANEL

Dan Keeler, Editor, Frontier Markets Wall Street Journal (Moderator)

John Espinosa, Managing Director, Head of Sovereign, Municipal & Emerging Markets Research, TIAA-CREF
Allison Graham, Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Voltan Capital Management
Isaac Schwartz, Portfolio Manager, Robotti & Company Advisors


Patrick Holert, CFA, CAIA, Chairman Emeritus, CFANY Global Investing Committee
Roberto Peralta, CFA, Head of Institutional Client Relations for the Americas, Société Générale 



Please join us at the invitation-only CFA Society New York (CFANY) Global Investing Committee Spring 2015 Emerging Europe Conference at SocGen. The Conference begins at 6:00 PM and registration will be limited to 200 invited working investment professionals. The focus will be on Emerging Europe, one of the key emerging market regions in the capital markets and certainly one with great relevance to any globally positioned invest.

As quantitative easing in Europe has pushed some investors away from the continent’s investment-grade strongholds, even such conservative investors as the Germans pouring money into new issues from Balkan nations. However, not all bets on the European periphery have panned out, as holders of recently downgraded Russian and Ukranian bonds are acutely aware. Where does the search for yield find appropriate grounding in fundamental value?

Meanwhile, equity investors are carefully planning strategies to extract returns from dynamic economies such as Poland, Hungary and Romania, all growing at or above 3%, while avoiding spillover effects from perceived Russian risk. How can the asset class be played to its strengths?

Finally, private equity and infrastructure provide solid localized opportunities. But can the stability of the Eurozone as a whole, and the internal management of Emerging European economies, pave a way for these longer-term illiquid investments to pay dividends down the road?

Join us for a fresh perspective on these and many more questions from an expert panel of investors, strategists and commentators.


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