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Enhance your Career, Strengthen Your Network, Get Involved Become a Society Leader: Board, Committees,
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September 14, 2021 | 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

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This is an informational session intended to familiarize CFA Society New York members—particularly those possessing senior-level industry experience—with the Society governance structure, as well as with the election process for CFA NY’s Board of Directors, and CFA NY’s Nominations Committee.

Our virtual attendees will meet members of the current leadership team, gain insight into the formative role that direct involvement of volunteers like you play in both shaping and realizing CFA Society New York’s vision and mission, and learn how driving thought leadership—and, in doing so, further elevating CFA Society New York’s status as a leading forum within the financial investment community—will not only serve to support Society membership at large, but have profound impacts on your personal and professional life.

As one of the largest member societies of CFA Institute globally, and a pillar of the local financial investment community, CFA Society New York is committed to endorsing professional standards of the highest order for our industry. Toward this goal, CFA Society New York has excelled largely thanks to the stellar leadership and initiative that has been demonstrated by the dedicated, senior industry professionals who graciously volunteer their time while embodying the core values that CFA Society New York proudly promotes and unwaveringly upholds.

If you are a CFA Society New York member, join this informative event to learn how to get involved, lend your vision to the leading-edge developments at CFA Society New York and help elevate the organization to be the foremost of its kind for the investment community.





Dennis Alvarado, Managing Director, Human Resources Business Partner at Nuveen Investments

Solange Charas. Ph.D., CEO, Charas Consulting, FOunder, HCMoneyball



Candidate Application Forms and More Information

To view our Become a Society Leader 2021 informational video, and to submit your candidate application form for CFA Society New York’s Board of Directors and/or Nominations Committee, follow the button below.

Become a Society Leader

Additional Details

Learning Outcomes

  • An introduction to CFA NY, members of leadership team, its mission and construct.
  • Information about the leadership structure, policies, and process, particularly as it relates to potential Board of Directors and Nominations Committee candidacy.
  • Informational presentation followed by a Q&A session.