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ASFIP Asset Owner Series Roundtable

May 1, 2019

Hosted in partnership with CFA Society New York


Brad Gates
Director of Private Markets – Southern Company – Pension

Barry Berlin
Managing Director Private Wealth – CIBC – Family Office

Grace Moore
Portfolio Specialist – Global Equities at Georgia Tech Foundation – University Endowments

Chetan Grover, CFA
Senior Consultant – Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting

Emily Hylton, CFA
Associate Partner – Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting


Join ASFIP for a roundtable event that is designed to be of interest to all investment professionals, especially those in the Institutional Investment community. We will have panelists representing institutional Asset Owners (Pension Funds, Endowments) and Institutional Consultants discussing relevant topics impacting their individual Funds, their Clients and the industry. Some of the topics will include:

  • Current trends in Asset Allocation and Risk Management.
  • Investment Policy development/ implementation/ modification.
  • Active Management – current trends with managers, is “Active” still relevant?
  • ESG investing initiatives.
  • Use of Alternative Investments, are you increasing or decreasing allocations? What Alternative areas look attractive?
  • Liability Driven Investing – have you implemented?
  • Factor-Based (or “Smart Beta”) Investing – Does it have a place in your Fund (now or in the future)?
  • The impact of Fed “Quantitative Easing” on your Fund.

This is a sample of the topics up for discussion and debate from our panelists, and you are invited to bring questions to our panelists that relate to your practice area. We look forward to a lively discussion from our panelists on topics relevant to the Investment community.