15th Annual Investors’ Conference on South African Debt Capital Markets

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IMN, now part of Euromoney’s investment and banking arm, is excited to announce the 15th Annual Investors’ Conference on South African Debt Capital Markets, taking place 16-17 November 2017, in Cape Town, South Africa. The completely refocused 2017 agenda will mark an exciting return to our flagship event’s roots as the leading South African Debt Capital Markets conference. Especially now with geopolitical and economic uncertainty troubling the country, there is a need for a dedicated platform to discuss investment ramifications, regulatory concerns and potential opportunities on the horizon.

[expand title=”Read More…” swaptitle=” “]Given how developed the debt markets are in South Africa, this conference will serve as an imperative opportunity for key firms to meet with their clients, engaging the most prominent buy-side firms in the industry. This year’s program will aim to include timely case studies, fireside chats, and interactive audience Q&A, with the conference running in plenary sessions. 

Preliminary themes will include:

  • Global ABS Market Update: Global Political Hurdles, Regulations and Implications (Brexit, Trump, Currency Fluctuations)
  • Bank’s Resolution Framework: Alternative Tier 1 Capital, Basel Framework Update, Covered Bond Legislation 
  • Case Study: South Africa’s First Securitisation 
  • South African DCM Market Update – South African Banks & Lending Requirements: Deals Done, Deals on the Horizon, Rebuilding Investor Confidence
  • Investors’ Perspective on the South African DCM: Capital and Liquidity Update, Attractive Asset Classes – How can we Revive Securitisation? What is required to Participate?
  • Issuer Sector Focus: SOEs, Corporates, Telco’s, Property
  • Offshore Investor Roundtable: Tapping the Domestic (Rand) Market – What are offshore Institutional Investors looking for?
  • Rating Triggers and Covenants  
  • Sub-Saharan Debt Capital Markets Investment Opportunities 
  • Renewable Energy Investing – Green Bonds, Potential of Solar ABS, Applying ABS Technology to Renewable Assets
  • Opportunities in Infrastructure and Project Bonds Markets in South Africa 


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