CFA Society New York is in the transitional process of launching Cvent—our new events platform

Changes to the event-registration process are here! Instructions and information on those changes—including the effect those changes will have on the event-registration process moving forward—have been provided below.

For any event taking place September 29 onward,  registration will require a CFA Institute account. Those who already have a CFA Institute account must use their existing CFA Institute account email address and password. Those without an existing CFA Institute account can create one quickly and easily.

The following steps require an existing CFA Institute account.

Registration for all events taking place September 29 onward will be processed via our new Cvent events platform.

To register for an event:

  1. Enter the email address you have associated with your account at CFA Institute
  2. Enter the password you have associated with your existing account at CFA Institute
  3. Click “Log In”

After clicking the “Log In” button—if the entered credentials match the existing credentials you have associated with your account at CFA Institute—you will be redirected to the event’s Cvent portal where you may proceed to complete the registration process.

Forgot Your CFA Institute Account Email Address or Password?

Click the “Need help logging in?” link to reset your account password.

The following steps pertain to individuals without an existing CFA Institute account.

Registration for all events taking place September 29 onward will be processed via our new Cvent events platform.

If you do not already have a CFA Institute account, you will be required to create one by clicking the “Create an Account” link. The process will take just a couple of minutes and requires a name, email address and the creation of a password.

To create your account and register for an event:

  1. Click the “Create an Account” link
  2. Provide your name and an email address, and create your account’s password
  3. Following account creation, return to the event page and revisit the registration portal. You may now enter the credentials you created in the previous steps and proceed to complete your registration. These will be your event-registration credentials moving forward.

Please be advised that the registration button found on any post-September 29 event will lead to the CFA Institute login page (pictured below). Following login, you will be directed to the appropriate Cvent registration portal where you may complete the registration process.

Existing CFA Institute Account

CFA Institute Account Creation

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August 2020


Veterans In Finance

In the finance sector, leadership and teamwork are integral, as are skills related to decision-making and risk management. These very same skills and characteristics are honed over the course of a military career, often producing Military Veterans who are driven, organized, adaptable and detail-oriented in nature.

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Conference / Seminar, Veterans, Virtual Events & Programming

September 2020


Rising Dragons: Chinese Big Tech and Their Global Ambitions

The geopolitical rise of China has been accompanied by the meteoric rise of a handful of mega-cap Chinese technology companies. Will these category-killers stop in the Pac Rim, or will their dominance expand abroad to challenge the large U.S. firms?

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Conference / Seminar, Global Investing Group, Virtual Events & Programming

Become a Society Leader: Board, Committees, Interest Groups

This event is an informational session and forum, designed for CFA Society New York members who are seasoned and senior-industry professionals to get acquainted with the governance structure and election process at CFANY. You will meet the current leadership team, gain understanding about your direct involvement in the mission and vision of CFA Society New York, and learn the ways in which it is achievable via direct representation on the elected Board of Directors as well as through various leadership programs.

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Conference / Seminar, Virtual Events & Programming

Fifth Annual Global Macro Outlook

Macroeconomic shifts are expected to gain more strength in a new era of global central bank monetary policies, fiscal stimulus and elevated geopolitical risks across the world. These changes are likely to have a direct impact on multi-asset class investing. In addition, the roles of traditional and non-traditional asset classes are likely to be questioned in this environment as investors continue to seek diversification benefits in a constantly evolving global investing landscape.

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Alternative Investments, Conference / Seminar, Virtual Events & Programming

Epidemiology of Volatility Transmission and Regime Change Risk Models

Most investment and risk models have difficulty reflecting regime changes characterized by market turbulence where asset prices behave in an uncharacteristic fashion, given their historical pattern of behavior. This presentation will demonstrate how Machine Learning uncovers subtle insights about correlated sources of risk that may not be detected by off-the-shelf risk models or fundamental portfolio and security analysis.

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Conference / Seminar, Performance & Risk Analytics, Virtual Events & Programming
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