CFA Society New York Garners Global Awards for Delivering Member Value & More

On May 23, 2017, representatives from 149 CFA societies, spanning 73 countries and territories, gathered in Philadelphia for the annual CFA Institute Society Leadership Conference.  At this conference, CFA Society New York (formerly, New York Society of Security Analysts, or NYSSA) was bestowed with three awards: In recognition of our Strategic Initiatives, (1) the global award for Delivering Member Value; (2) the Research Foundation Award for Events and Activities; and finally (3) Our own Thomas Brigandi, who spearheads the Asset Owner Series, was named the inaugural recipient of CFA Institute’s Global Outstanding Young Leader Award.

Here is a brief recap of some of the results allowing CFA Society New York to receive the award for Delivering Member Value:

  • The Board revised our Vision Statement and reduced the number of pillars in our strategic plan from seven to three by early fall 2015, thereby sharpening our dedication to Content, Community and Technology.
  • We personalized deliverables for all member-cohort groups, maintaining and prioritizing the inclusion of all demographics at the forefront of our planning.
  • Our Board of Directors added a Programming Committee to the bylaws of the Society.
  • From June 2015 through February 2017, we held 124 events and engaged 587 unique speakers from 438 unique companies. Registrations climbed from 4,418 in CY2015 to 7,734 in CY2016 (an increase of 75%).
  • From June 1, 2015 – January 31, 2017 we grew common CFA Institute New York membership from 6,849 to 9,299 (an increase of 36%). According to CFA Institute’s DataBook, member-retention rose from 56.4% to 79.1%.
  • With durable leadership in the investment profession emphasized, the CFA Society New York Asset Owner Series lent us our most prominent example of exceptional achievement in programming. The series forged a model of industry-leader engagement.  By connecting leaders whom exist and operate at the very core of New York’s local investment management community, our Asset Owner Series became our most successful program.
  • It is estimated that, in under 12 months, the Asset Owner Series hosted over $17 trillion of global AUM at CFA Society New York, based on the AUM of the CIOs and senior decision-makers whom spoke at CFA Society New York. Combined with AUA, it is estimated that we hosted speakers with decision-making influence over nearly one third of the total global institutional assets under management.
  • The Asset Owner Series established an excellent reputation for CFA Society New York and is a model for senior industry engagement. During the period, the exclusive series attracted 945 unique individuals from 642 unique companies.  Of these individuals, 456 unique individuals (48%) had titles at the most senior level and C-suite.
  • While this series can be difficult to access as a non-member, most members whom apply to attend are admitted.

For the full press release about the awards we received, visit here.

Thanks to our growing ranks of volunteers and engaged members, the quality of our programming continues to advance.  We held our second annual Single Family Office Forum in April. With a list of speakers featuring Justin Rockefeller and several billionaires, the event was oversubscribed almost immediately upon opening registration.

Due to the diligent efforts of Lance Widner, CFA, CFP, the Chair of our Veteran’s roundtable and his team, we had the distinct honor of hosting General Goldfein, the United States Air Force Chief of Staff, at an event held exclusively for members and veterans.  The timely scheduled event was held just after Memorial Day.

Next week, Michael Weinberg—Chair of the Value Investing Group—will present our fourth annual Benjamin Graham Value Investing Conference at Fordham’s Gabelli Center.  Portfolio managers combining to represent more than $100 billion worth of AUM will gather in recognition of the founding of our society 80 years ago, by none other than Benjamin Graham himself.  In addition, next week, Marty Fridson will present the 27th annual High Yield Bond Conference at CFA Society New York’s headquarters.

Keep an eye out for future events on our upcoming events calendar.  To peruse past events, or to search for past event videos, visit here.

Once again, thank you for your support!


Daniel Dagen, CFA
Chief Executive Officer