CFA Society New York works closely with CFA Institute and member Societies around the world to be sure all our activities shape a more trustworthy industry.

Providing an independent and objective forum for leading professionals to sharpen knowledge allows members to provide better service to their clients and companies.  We also join with CFA Institute each year to shape a more trustworthy financial industry through the “Putting Investors First Campaign”.

The Putting Investors First campaign is a series of events held at over 100 CFA Societies around the world in April and May.  The campaign is an integral part of CFA Institute’s Future of Finance Initiative. This year, CFA Society New York has scheduled several events for the Putting Investors First Campaign.

Topics covered will include diversity, regulation, financial reporting and performance standards. CFA Society New York will hold a “Gender and Diversity” event on March 23rd and will examine opportunities for women in finance at our “3rd Annual Alpha Seeking Females in a Male Dominated World of Finance” event on May 18th.  The Regulation and Market Integrity Group will meet to discuss relevant topics on March 21st, April 18th and May 16th.  Our “Financial Reporting and Analysis Today: Making the Process Easier, Faster, and Better” event will be held on May 4th. Finally, we host the “2nd Annual GIPS Forum” at CFA Society New York on May 17th.

All the above will be complimented by opportunities—spanning from now through the end of May—designed to expand knowledge and foster networking amongst peers.  We currently have five evening conferences scheduled and anticipate more will be added.  Among them will be our 2nd Annual Single Family Office Conference on April 6th, featuring a keynote to be delivered by Marc Lasry (Co-Founder and CEO, Avenue Capital Group).  In addition, as a member, you have access to nine members-only meetings organized around topical interests, four public speaking meetings (CFA Society New York Toastmasters) and, when Chatham House rules are not enforced, the majority of events will be be recorded and accessible to members as soon as possible. Finally, we recently began Livestreaming many of our events for members as well.

Please check our upcoming events section of the website for more information.

At CFA Society New York, we are celebrating our 80th year as a leading forum for independent and objective thought. Since 1937, our goal has been to contribute, in some small way, to building and maintaining a more trustworthy financial industry. We believe that begins with providing our members with access to leading professionals who exemplify integrity, and by providing space to network and learn from one another at CFA Society New York events. Through volunteer support and joint initiatives with CFA Institute, we are dedicated to continuing this mission.

We would like to thank all those who responded with interest last week to contribute to our Industry Council of Experts.  Please look out for emails from us soon with further feedback.  At this time if you also would be interested in becoming a CFA Society New York ambassador to CFA Charterholders in your organization, please email me at [email protected] with the subject line “Ambassador”.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Daniel Dagen, CFA
Chief Executive Officer
CFA Society New York