Asset Owner Series: 3rd Annual Sovereign Wealth Conference

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CFA Society New York’s hosted 3rd Annual Sovereign Wealth Fund with a solid turnout on September 18th, 2017.


DUNCAN BONFIELD, Chief Executive Officer, International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds


Fiona Mackenzie, Head of External Investments, New Zealand Superannuation Fund
Kevin Bong, Senior Vice President, GIC
Stella Ojekwe-Onyejeli, Chief Risk Officer & Executive Director, Nigeria Sovereign Investment […]

Evolution of Finance

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On Thursday, June 22nd, the Young Leaders Group assembled a highly distinguished panel of speakers from different parts of finance – Valerie Bannon of BlackRock, Sanjay Arora of Raymond James, Carly Levin of JPMorgan, Veena Ramaswamy of CommonBond, and Morgan Downey of Money.Net. The discussion was moderated by Mary Catherine Macaluso, VP of […]

Ben Graham Value Conference IV

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by Michael Oliver Weinberg, CFA, Chair of Value Investing

In our first morning keynote, I discussed Can Man + Machine beat Mr. Market? The Third Wave of Investing, Autonomous Learning Investment Strategies (ALIS), the next investment process paradigm. These are the confluence of five unprecedented developments. […]