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  mario Carias
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  [email protected]
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  Business Management
  Vice Chair
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  Chris Flens-Batina
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  [email protected]
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I would like to promote Chris Flens-Batina to be the Vice Chairman of the Business Management Group. I could not manage the group without him. He is a major contributor to the success of the group. I would like to know how I can have him promoted to the role of Vice-Chairman.

1. Attend and organize the agenda for group meetings
2. Keep track of event planning
3. Introduce speakers at events
4. Help organize event marketing among group members: LinkedIn, email, internal networks
5. Increase group membership through outreach (in-person events and online).
6. Manage LinkedIn page to help with 4 and 5
7. Help with group marketing (not just event-related)

Alton E. Crooks CFA
Managing Director, Fidelis Capital LLC.
[email protected] |
(347) 762 – 7315 | Office

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